Intern with CIVIC & the Hawkeye Diplomats

Interns play a critical role in the success of CIVIC’s mission.  Internships are volunteer, but offer significant professional development opportunities. Internships permit students to work in a professional setting, contribute in significant ways to the operations of a non-profit organization, enhance their global cultural competency, and to develop and implement projects that may be used to demonstrate work experience to potential employers.

CIVIC interns have gone on to attend graduate and professional schools, secure overseas State Department internships, work at area non-profit organizations (e.g., Peace Corps, March of Dimes, Domestic Violence Intervention Program) in a leadership capacity, and for national organizations, such as the Atlantic Council.

CIVIC requires a 10 hour per-week, academic year commitment.
To apply, please send a current CV or resume and a letter of interest to Dr. Jo Butterfield (  Letters of interest should include why you are interested in a CIVIC internship, the specific internship that you are seeking, your year and major, as well as your availability (summer + academic year 2019-20). 

Intern Job Descriptions:

STUDENTS join CIVIC’s network of Hawkeye Diplomats to:

  • Interact with State Department-sponsored international leaders from around the globe
  • Build a global network here at home
  • Strengthen your foreign language skills
  • Enhance your cultural competency
  • Develop your professional skills

CIVIC’s Hawkeye Diplomats meet with State Department International Visitor Leadership Program participants at social events and professional development meetings.

CIVIC emails our Hawkeye Diplomat listserv when opportunities arise to engage with our international visitors.  To add your name to the Hawkeye Diplomat listserv, simply email and request that you be added to the list.

By participating in five CIVIC sponsored IVLP events, you will receive recognition as a certified Hawkeye Diplomat!

MRP Access for All 045

Devon Jensen had to say about being a Hawkeye Diplomat:

“My first event with CIVIC as a Hawkeye Diplomat placed me at a table in the Airliner with pizza, the Super Bowl, a handful of UI students and two handfuls of champion volunteers turned world travelers from Southeast Asian and Pacific Island nations. 

As the game’s dazzling performance by Perry and Left Shark and the Patriots’ legendary and last-minute resurgence came, I spoke with the young women from Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia about their impressive and heartening work and visions in their countries. However, my newest friend from southwestern Cambodia lit my evening with her humor, sincerity, and desire to engage others. After the game, we trudged through the snow to the Sheraton and exchanged our community service stories and ideas, which she recorded and planned to share with her volunteer youth mentees. In the months following her departure from Iowa City, she and I have spoken almost weekly in conversations ranging in nature from food to language to politics to current events to service projects and beyond. She is an ally and close friend, and I am eager to maintain our friendship and (wishfully) to visit her and her colleagues in Cambodia looking ahead. CIVIC has facilitated many similar, otherwise-unlikely connections for many Iowa City residents and visitors, and I am grateful to be a beneficiary of its synergistic mission. I encourage anyone and everyone to take a chance on citizen diplomacy – get involved with CIVIC!”

The Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization



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