Board of Directors

  • Ken Royar
  • David Tiffany
  • Martha Kirby
  • Concepcion Piragine
  • Newman Abuissa
  • Jane McMullen
  • Elena Osinskaya
  • Jennifer Blair
  • Christy Weitz
  • Amy Chastain

CIVIC Staff 

  • Jo Butterfield, Executive Director
  • Madison Hunke, Program Coordinator

CIVIC Interns

Intern Job Descriptions:

Current Interns

  • Emma Cole, Programming and Operations Intern
  • Alex Dornacker, Programming and Operations Intern
  • Lucas Fagre, Communications Intern
  • Mariah Gonzales, Communications Intern
  • Mark Shoen, Programming and Operations Intern
  • Ty Lassen, Programming and Operations Intern

2014-2017 Interns

  • Sarah Sitz, Communications Intern
  • Yike Fu, Membership Intern
  • Autumn Seo, Membership Intern
  • Andrey Sazonov, Programming Intern
  • Mary Elizabeth Snell, Programming and Communications Intern
  • Ha Young Jeong, Programming and Operations Intern
  • Karleigh Gunderson, Communications Intern
  • Margaret Goetz, Membership Intern
  • Path-konn B. Kombate, Outreach Intern
  • Yulin Cheng, Programming Intern

The Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


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